LIXIL International Fittings Sustainability Policy

Our Principles for Sustainability

LIXIL, maker of pioneering water and housing products, is transforming its business operations for a more sustainable future. This transformation is not only to secure growth and sustainable value creation, but also to enhance the positive impact that LIXIL has on the environment and society.

To have a positive impact on the environment and society, LIXIL seeks to create an inclusive environment that empowers employees to make a positive impact in line with LIXIL’s purpose: Making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere, where a better home also means a sustainable home.

LIXIL´s impact strategy consists of three pillars: "climate change mitigation and adaptation", "water sustainability", and "Circular economy". The transition to a net zero economy is the critical challenge of our times, with a strategy to reduce CO2 emissions for society as a whole. Additional aspects of responsibility range from, energy-saving technologies and production processes to resource efficiency, customer service and social and societal responsibility.

Environmental protection, resource conservation as well as respecting human rights and labor, occupational health and safety requirements are natural and important components of our business strategy. Compliance with legal regulations and official requirements is thus a clear commitment for the organization and its employees.

As a leader in the water and housing industry, we are implementing our strategies consistently and contributing to environmental challenges through innovations. Together we can accelerate the transformation to deliver positive impact on the planet.

LIXIL, including its International Fittings organization, goes much further and always strives to continually improve its products, as well as its processes and its services, especially in the areas of environmental protection and resource conservation, including energy performance, occupational health and safety requirements, avoidance of major accident hazards as well as social aspects of the global supply chain.

We provide the necessary information and resources for this.

These principles and guidelines for sustainability form the framework for strategic and operative objectives and apply to all colleagues within the LIXIL International organization worldwide.

Leaders carry a special responsibility. As role models they contribute to colleagues’ better understanding of environmental protection and resource conservation as well as occupational health and safety requirements and anchoring this in the corporate culture.

Our Guidelines for Sustainability

Our PRODUCTS should allow a responsible and safe consumption of the resources water and energy by the user. Over and above this, the entire product life cycle is considered at the design and development stage to create safe products with economical use of resources - especially water and energy performance improvements - and for a long service life.

It is our goal to make our PROCESSES such that they continuously fulfil in the best way possible the demands of the environment, resource efficiency, occupational health and safety requirements, including operational control in the design of changes, renovations or new installations, equipment, systems and processes. Present and planned processes are therefore systematically analyzed with regard to their effects on the environment, use of resources, energy performance, and occupational health and safety, in order to eliminate hazards and reduce risks to a minimum. Moreover, we take selected measures proportionate to the danger of serious accidents to ensure a high-level protection of human health and the environment.

We provide safe and healthy work conditions for our EMPLOYEES to prevent work-related injuries and ill health. Furthermore, we regularly inform and train our employees on environmental protection and resource conservation, as well as occupational health and safety requirements. Additionally, we promote colleagues’ initiatives, which lead to improvements in these areas, among other ways of consultation and participation.

We take our CUSTOMERS’ environmental protection and resource conservation as well as occupational health and safety requirements into account and provide support for relevant issues.

We see our SUPPLIERS and SERVICE PROVIDERS as partners; equally in the areas of human rights and labor, occupational health and safety, environmental protection and resource conservation. Improvement measures in these areas, e.g. energy efficient products and services that impact energy performance or making globalization of supply chains more equitable, are demanded and promoted by us.

A Positive SOCIAL IMPACT is an important element of our sustainability strategy. Therefore, we maintain an open and constructive dialogue with all relevant stakeholders and promote activities and measures which contribute to environmental protection and resource conservation as well as the improvement of occupational health and safety. By ensuring that we are embedding a purpose driven and inclusive culture across the company, we can empower our employees to truly deliver on our purpose and have a positive impact for society now and in the future. To become a truly inclusive organization and achieve our enterprise targets for 2030, we focus our efforts on three areas – embedding D&I into our HR policies, Talent Management practices and enabling managers to build a more inclusive workplace.

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B.A.U.M.-Code of Conduct for Sustainable Business

Since 2016 GROHE has been an active member of B.A.U.M..
The German Environmental Management Association is one of the largest corporate and information networks for sustainable business in Europe.

Being a member of the B.A.U.M. circle of supporters, we align with the B.A.U.M. code of conduct for sustainable business and promote its implementation:

Responsibility for Sustainable Business
Our entrepreneurial behavior complies with the key principles of a sustainable economic system, meaning an economically, ecologically, and socially acceptable way of doing business. Enterprises are integral components of a global, social, and ecological system. As such, we are responsible for the future of our planet, its societies and nature. Our company guidelines and goals integrate sustainability. Realizing sustainable business practices is a continuous process and is a high priority on all levels and in all parts of our company, exceeding legal minimum requirements.

Responsibility for Nature
Our company’s conduct is responsible, in particular, for preserving global natural livelihood and for using resources responsibly. We would like to avoid straining the environment as much as possible and we would like to preserve biodiversity. Continuously working on improving the sustainability of our products, services, and processes is a core part of our behavior. We try to use natural resources and materials as efficiently as possible. When doing so, we pay attention to the entire value chain, including the usage and the waste products at the end of their service life. We intend to use materials in circular flows whenever possible. Our suppliers and clients are included in this process.

Responsibility for Society
We are responsible for our employees, and our cultural and societal community. We advocate for complying with human rights and fair working conditions, not only for our own but also for our suppliers‘ staff. We are against child labor and all other forms of exploitation and corruption. We promote and engage in diversity in all areas of society.

Responsibility for Future Generations
Our conduct follows the principles of avoiding current, possible, and presumable risks for the environment and society. We aim to actively support and guide our future by using the multiple opportunities of sustainable business.

Responsibility for Transparency
We regularly produce extensive and transparent reports for internal and external use about the status of sustainability within our company. These reports cover progress, challenges, and goals, as well as necessary measures for improvement. We are open to dialogue with all stakeholders, provide relevant information about sustainability to the media, and work with authorities, associations, and other relevant institutions.

For further information, please download the GROHE Sustainability Reports