GROHE History

GROHE has a rich tradition of creating market-leading products. GROHE has expanded its core competencies by acquiring the skills and experience of innovative enterprises. Each new acquisition has made a new know-how incorporated in the portfolio. The best example is Carl Nestler: founded in 1873, the company had already earned a reputation as a faucet-maker in the early years and developed the new thermostat technology with advanced optimisations. The company has been part of GROHE since 1956 and to this day the thermostats still remain an important part of the GROHE product portfolio. They influence the corporate DNA of GROHE. Time after time, more pioneering companies have been brought into the GROHE Group to strengthen the business as part of our drive to offer consumers the latest and best technology.


1817 – Eichelberg

Eichelberg, the oldest German manufacturer of sanitary faucets, is founded in Iserlohn. In 1991 it is integrated into the GROHE Group.

1873 – Carl Nestler

Carl Nestler Armaturenfabrik, the first company to produce thermostats for private bathrooms, is founded. Since 1956 part of GROHE Group and later renamed to GROHE Lahr Thermostats.

1910 – DAL

Deutsche Armaturenfabrik Leipzig (DAL), inventor of the flush valve (1914), is founded. In 1994 it becomes part of the GROHE Group.

1911– Berkenhoff & Paschedag

Berkenhoff & Paschedag, a manufacturer of bathroom fixtures is founded in Hemer 1911. Friedrich Grohe leaves his father’s manufacturing business and buys Berkenhoff & Paschedag in 1936.

1914 – First flush valve

Richard Rost - the technical head of DAL - starts the development of the flush valve. The invention of the autmatic flush valve is launched in 1914.

1936 – Founding year of GROHE

Friedrich Grohe buys Berkenhoff & Paschedag in 1936. Later in 1948 Berkenhoff & Paschedag is renamed to Friedrich Grohe.

1948 – Friedrich Grohe

1948, the company is renamed after its owner, Friedrich Grohe Armaturenfabrik.

1956 – Skalatherm

GROHE launches the innovation for home bathroom. Skalatherm - the Volksthermostat.

1968 – One hand mixer

The introduction of the popular one hand mixer.

1991 – Eichelberg

Eichelberg is part of GROHE.


GROHE acquires DAL, producer of installation and flushing systems and a technological leader of the industry.

1997 – Design Center

GROHE opens the new Design Centre in Edelburg, Hemer.

2002 – GROHE Cooltouch ®

GROHE introduces the GROHE Cooltouch® technology in the brand new Grohtherm.

2004 – GROHE Ondus digital

GROHE Ondus® creates a new digital level of luxury in the bathroom. With a tap of the finger the digital interface delivers the perfect water temperature.

2007 – GROHE Corporate Centre in Düsseldorf

GROHE opens its Corporate Centre in Düsseldorf, central functions of GROHE are moving from Hemer to Düsseldorf: Design Centre, HR, Marketing, Communications and Finance.

2009 – GROHE Blue

The pioneering GROHE Blue® is launched. No need to carry heavy bottles; water is delivered chilled, filtered and sparkling straight from the faucet.

2011 – SPA

The GROHE SPA® range of premium products is launched. From the washbasin to the bathtub and shower the GROHE Spa® collection offers a wide range of high-quality fittings.

2014 – LIXIL

LIXIL Corporation and Development Bank (50% JV) of Japan acquire 87.5% equity interest in GROHE Group.

2016 – Innovation made by GROHE

Innovative products are being launched in the market: GROHEs shower toilet Sensia Arena.

2017 – Awarded recognition

GROHE receives the prestigious CSR sustainability award of the federal government of Germany and the Fortune Magazine lists the GROHE brand among the TOP 50 who “change the world”.

2017 – GROHE launches smart Watersystem Sense and Sense Guard

GROHE Sense Guard is a smart water controller, which detects frost risk and micro leakages and in the case of a burst pipe shuts off the water supply. Via the GROHE Ondus app you get the latest status from home.

2017 – coordinated bathroom

GROHE enters ceramic market on its way to become a full bathroom provider.