LIXIL Group Human Rights Principles

LIXIL Group’s corporate vision is “To be the world’s most valued, innovative and trusted ‘Living Technology’ company by 2020”, in line with our ambition to enable good living through a focus on living technology that truly enhances living spaces.
With the understanding that human rights are a prerequisite to realizing this vision and ambition, and we are committed to respecting human rights as a foundation of our business activities.

Our Commitment
LIXIL Group respects human rights, and strives to maintain and promote human rights everywhere we work and do business. LIXIL Group Human Rights Principles are founded on international norms, including the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization's (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. LIXIL Group complies with the applicable laws of the countries and regions in which we operate. In the event that we face discrepancies between internationally recognized human rights standards and the laws of the relevant country or region, we will comply with the higher standard. If there is a conflict between the two, we will pursue ways to honor the principles of internationally recognized human rights while complying with the local laws. LIXIL Group Human Rights Principles apply to all members of LIXIL Group, including both employees and officers of consolidated companies. We also expect our business partners, including suppliers and distributers, to respect and not to infringe upon human rights.

Our Approach
LIXIL Group implements human rights related initiatives based on the concept of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. LIXIL Group seeks to meet our commitments to respect human rights by implementing legitimate processes and incorporating them into all our business activities from research and development to procurement, production, logistics, marketing and sales.

Respect for the human rights of customers LIXIL Group considers product quality and safety as the utmost concern. We also promptly disclose clear product safety information, with customers’ safety and peace of mind as our top priority.

Respect for the human rights in the workplace
LIXIL Group encourages open and honest communication that demonstrates esteem for each other, and also respects diversity in accordance with the LIXIL Values and the LIXIL Group Code of Conduct.

Respect for the human rights of business partners
LIXIL Group places importance on respecting human rights in our relationships with business partners such as suppliers and distributors. Through our business partners, we also seek to respect and not to infringe upon human rights of those impacted by their supply chain.

LIXIL Group identifies, prevents and mitigates adverse human rights impacts through human rights due-diligence processes.

In the case that LIXIL Group has directly caused or indirectly contributed to adverse human rights impacts, we commit to providing or cooperating in the remediation of the adverse impacts through legitimate procedures. In such circumstances, we will provide the grievance mechanism to enable the impacted parties to access remediation processes.

LIXIL Group provides appropriate education and training to ensure that these principles are implemented internally and externally. LIXIL Group also ensures that these principles are reflected in related principles and procedures necessary to embed them throughout its business activities.

Our Engagement
Cooperation with stakeholders LIXIL Group is committed to engaging in dialogue with stakeholders on human rights issues related to our operations.

LIXIL Group is consistently committed to transparency with regard to our activities. We report on the progress of our human rights initiatives in accordance with these principles.