GROHE Unleashes Your Freedom to Create – What Does your Bathroom Say About You?

01.07.2019 Product Information

• GROHE Colors Collection and Full Bathroom Solutions let you create a bathroom that expresses the real you
• Matching colors from faucet to flush plate offer you full freedom of choice
• Coordinated bathroom designs in form and function simplify the decision-making process

Düsseldorf, Germany, 11 June 2019. When it comes to being our true selves, there is no place like home. But what about our bathroom? Thanks to the ground-breaking new Colors Collection and the Full Bathroom Solutions from GROHE, it is now possible for every homeowner to create their personal oasis designed to match their own unique personality.

Your Bathroom, Your Colors
With ten different color and finish options for all touchpoints in the bathroom, the GROHE Colors Collection offers a range of combinations designed to fit any taste and any lifestyle. Whatever your signature style, there is a GROHE color to make your vision become reality, with true consistency across every element, from faucets to showers, right down to the details of accessories and flush plates, making your scheme totally seamless. Nothing is left to chance and the choice is entirely up to you, giving you total freedom to design a bathroom that effortlessly embodies your true self.

What Type of Bathroom Creator are You?
As for how to choose the right bathroom for you, it´s simple. GROHE has developed a quick and easy quiz to help you match yourself to one of six design personality profiles. The quiz asks a few simple questions about your lifestyle – everything from your fashion sense and restaurant preferences to what makes the perfect holiday. It then calculates your individual design personality profile and, crucially, shows you how to create a GROHE bathroom to fit.So, if you love the great outdoors and crave candlelit dinners, you probably have a grounded and playful personality profile. That means GROHE Warm Sunset is the color for you. But if city breaks and urban exercising are more your bag, you are likely to be a minimalist for whom GROHE Chrome hits the right note.

Here is the full list of options in the GROHE Colors Collection:

Design Personality Profile: Expressive. Matching GROHE Color: Cool Sunrise
The expressive personality values design as a statement of achievement and ambition. Cool Sunrise perfectly matches a stylish and luxurious bathroom.

• Design Personality Profile: Playful. Matching GROHE Color: Warm Sunset
For the earthy, playful type, the home is a place that reflects life experiences and evokes memories of travel. Warm Sunset brings that to life in a bathroom for selfcare.

• Design Personality Profile: Mindful. Matching Grohe Color: Supersteel
Mindful personalities see the home as a retreat from the world outside their door. A place to be cosy, warm and harmonious. Supersteel uses gentle, neutral colors to create an oasis of calm.

• Design Personality Profile: Timeless. Matching GROHE Color: Hard Graphite
Timeless types love tradition, viewing their home as a place to show their roots. This is captured beautifully in the Hard Graphite design which enables a classy and elegant bathroom.

• Design Personality Profile: Organic and Holistic. Matching GROHE Color: Nickel
If you have an organic and holistic personality profile, your home is the family heartland and you have a fondness for authentic, natural beauty. Nickel’s warm colors and carefully-curated mix of the old and new are perfect for you.

• Design Personality Profile: Minimalist. Matching GROHE Color: Chrome
Minimalists value smart solutions that make life easier and more efficient. With the Chrome design, a bathroom as simple as possible can be created.

Perfect Match for Holistic Bathroom Solutions
In the range of ten color and finish options, the GROHE design lines' faucets, showers, accessories and flush plates can be integrated into a harmonious bathroom concept – from the design classic GROHE Atrio, the sensual minimalism of GROHE Lineare, the intuitively reduced perfection of GROHE Essence, GROHE Allure Brilliant or GROHE Eurocube to the latest collection GROHE Plus, which features a bold, geometric D-shaped design. To round off the harmonious play of colors, the popular GROHE flush-mounted single-lever mixers (to be introduced in the course of the year 2019), the shower system GROHE SmartControl concealed as well as the innovative hand shower Rainshower SmartActive and the multi-jet head shower Rainshower SmartActive (both starting in October 2019) will be available in different colors.
Moreover, GROHE customers can also benefit from the company’s range of holistic bathroom solutions. With GROHE Perfect Match the overwhelming variety of options is distilled into one simple choice. Perfect Match combines sophisticated designs and the highest quality of materials with a flexible color palette across the entire room – from faucets and showerheads to accessories and flush plates. GROHE turns bathrooms into a space for inventive furnishing ideas and innovative technologies.
Meanwhile, with the GROHE Perfect Match bathroom configurator, it is possible to create the perfect bathroom with just a few clicks, opening up a whole world of possibilities of color, style and accessories to fit with the ceramics designs before you settle on a final decision.


For more information about the GROHE Colors Collection and Full Bathroom Solutions, including prices and stock lists, please visit our Website.

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