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Practical training

We offer practical training for school and university students as well as retrainees at all our branches.

What is the purpose of practical training?
We want to give people an idea of what a job is like in practice in order to make it easier for them to choose or start a new job. Practical training also offers advantages for your professional future. Some of our former practical trainees work in our company today.

Interested? Please send your written application (letter, CV, photo and report) to the Training Manager of the respective branch. We can usually accept most applicants.More information is available from the Training Manager of the respective branch.

Practical training abroad

University students may also complete practical training at selected European branches. The purpose of these practical trainings for students, which are organized in cooperation with domestic and international universities and colleges, is to provide the students with practical experience in order to make it easier for them to choose or start their future job. Moreover, the students can improve their foreign language skills and get to know foreign cultures and working styles. A solid knowledge of English and, ideally, the language of the respective country is required.

Dissertations at GROHE

We participate in university and college dissertations and also provide subjects for interested students. More information is available from the Training Manager of the respective branch.

Studying at GROHE

Studying and gaining professional experience at the same time? This is possible at GROHE. Young people who know what happens in practice and have the required functional background have the ideal combination for a career at GROHE.

We offer the following courses of study:

  • Bachelor of Arts (VWA) (Hemer)
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Porta Westfalica)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (FH) (Hemer)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BA) (Lahr)

Graduates at GROHE

Direct accession:
You join our company by filling a vacancy in one specialist unit. You will expand your skills through on-the-job training and support from your superiors in the context of our staff development activities.

Do you have questions or are you in need of further information?

Ayla Otyakmaz
HR Sales International
Telefon: +49 211 9130 - 3208

Sina Kröner
HR Head Office
Phone: +49 (211) 9130 - 3512

Jörg Einsiedel
HR Plant Hemer
Phone: +49 23 72 93 - 2409

Angelika Weig-Sommer
HR Plant Lahr
Phone: +49 7821 944 465

Andreas Steffen
HR Plant Porta Westfalica and Supply Chain
Phone: +49 571 - 3989-153

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