Cradle-to-Cradle-Certified® GROHE products

With waste recycling rates of 99 percent and a use of brass with recycling proportions of up to 80 percent, GROHE has incrementally approached a circular economy for years. But now, the global brand is taking the next big step away from a linear model towards circular value creation by launching four best-selling products as Cradle to Cradle Certified® variants. A particular success was that GROHE directly achieved the Gold level with all of its four products submitted for certification.

In contrast to a linear model, the C2C concept enables GROHE to drastically reduce the use of new resources: a product is designed and manufactured with the intent of using its components in its end-of-life-phase for the creation of new products.

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The number on the LED display increases with precision, the color changes from a cool blue to a warm dark red – with the temperature display of its Plus faucet, the global GROHE brand now offers users the possibility to accurately control the water temperature. The digital upgrade within the existing GROHE Plus collection thus not only allows safe water enjoyment, but also supports users’ increasing desire for sustainable living. This is made possible by the principle of “nudging”, a concept from behavioral economics. Through the visual color change, users are made aware of when hot water is flowing – often unnecessarily – in order to avoid wasting energy. This promotes responsible use of the valuable resource water and saves energy at the same time. The eco-friendly functionality of GROHE Plus is reinforced by a touchless swipe over the lit icon on the top of the faucet, which allows users to switch from the standard spray to the water-saving Eco Spray setting in an instant. With a flow rate of just four liters per minute, water consumption is thus significantly reduced – without compromising on comfort.

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GROHE Tempesta

Relax under its full face Rain spray and generous diameter of 250 mm, confident that your luxurious shower is also eco-friendly, thanks to the water-saving EcoJoy function of the new headshower GROHE Tempesta 250.
The technology limits the flow of water to a sustainable 9.5 litres per minute without compromising performance. Pure water enjoyment while doing your bit for the planet.

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The 3D metal-printing process presented at the ISH 2019 trade fair is a particularly resource-efficient method of manufacturing faucets. The process only consumes as much material as is actually needed. It makes it possible to manufacture components such as spout and handles much thinner, thus saving material. Comparing the new Icon 3D faucet with its analog Allure Brilliant predecessor made of brass a weight reduction of 55% is achieved.
In addition, the energy used for producing a 3D metal-printed faucet is about 20% lower compared to the production energy used for a brass cast body.

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GROHE Blue is a water system that transforms ordinary tap water into filtered, chilled, still, medium or sparkling water.
With a GROHE Blue in the home, families never need to buy water in a plastic bottle again. Based on the German average, for a family of four that means 800 bottles per year.
To produce 1 litre of bottled water an amount of up to 7 litres* is needed. GROHE Blue only needs 1 litre.
In addition, university studies have shown that our GROHE Blue system saves more than 60% of **CO2.

GROHE Blue won the German Sustainability Award Design 2021 in the category “Icons”. In its statement, the renowned experts of the German Sustainability Award jury particularly honoured this combination of practical and sustainable functions for homes and offices: Due to its high level of convenience, GROHE Blue has the potential to “promote a change of mind-set in society and thus a paradigm shift”.
As the jury concluded, the timelessly elegant and minimalist design makes the water system a long-lasting companion for the kitchen.

* The real water consumption behind drinking water: The case of Italy”, Journal of Environmental Management 92 (2011) // “Recent impact on ancient well – the calculation of the Water Footprint of bottled natural mineral water”, Maria Kalleitner-Huber, Christian Pladerer, Austrian Institute of Ecology (2014)
**“Product Carbon Footprint for drinking water supply through a Grohe Blue faucet system compared to mineral water”, Tim Schroeder, Prof. Dr. Jutta Geldermann, Georg-August University of Göttingen (2014).

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GROHE SmartControl

The innovative shower control lets the user adjust the volume and temperature effortlessly, as well as selecting the preferred spray and switching between head and hand shower. Operation is simple and easy – simply push to start and stop, then turn to adjust the water volume gradually – from eco to full flow. The SmartControl control unit is supplied with clearly and easily recognizable symbols for the different shower or bath options, that´s why every user, age-independent, can easily use this shower control.

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Self-Closing Faucets

Releasing the water flow at the touch of a button and then stopping it again automatically is the main function of self-closing faucets, which can often be found in schools, sports facilities, motorway service areas and other transport facilities, as well as in industrial and commercial premises. Their intuitive operation makes them ideal for heavily frequented public and semi-public sanitary facilities. Thanks to robust technology, they are durable and vandalism-protected and only dispense water when needed.

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Using touchless faucets can reduce water consumption by up to 70% and contribute significantly towards green accreditation. Thanks to infrared sensing, water flows through these faucets only when needed: when a hand is underneath the spout. Depending on the model, the mixer automatically turns off and saves water when the user removes his or her hands, for example when applying soap, or after a pre-set time.

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The GROHE Sense water sensor measures room temperature and humidity, detects water leakage and alerts when measured data are unusually high or low.

Prevents potential damage!

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GROHE Sense Guard

The GROHE Sense Guard is installed directly on the main water pipe and can automatically stop the water supply if, for example, a leakage is detected.

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GROHE Sense App

The new generation of the GROHE Sense water safety system enables full transparency in water consumption and energy costs thanks to the new GROHE Sense App. By entering their water and energy prices, customers receive a concrete breakdown of their costs. Visibility helps to adapt one's own usage behaviour and to handle water more consciously.

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GROHE has developed a line of smart water-saving technologies that use less water but do not reduce the enjoyment of the experience.


A flow restrictor reduces water consumption from 10 liters per minute to just over 5 liters.

An aerator provides the same voluminous experience as that offered by a regular faucet



Prevents unnecessary production of hot water by supplying cold water with the faucet lever in the middle position of the fitting.


GROHE TurboStat

Instantly delivers the desired shower temperature and keeps it constant for the duration of the shower.


Ceramics with new features reduce use of detergents


Three water outlets in the bowl create a powerful vortex effect that leaves nothing behind. Every corner of the bowl is covered and cleaned.


With GROHE rimless technology, every surface of your toilet is easy to reach and effortless to keep clean, even in places you can’t see. It makes bacteria hiding in corners and crevices under the rim a thing of the past. GROHE rimless technology leaves bacteria nowhere to hide.


Long-lasting ions with an anti-bacterial effect prevent bacteria growth and keep your ceramics clean and germ-free. The smooth surface also locks out dirt resulting from limescale and grime and is effortless to clean.