Your Digital Bathroom

GROHE Ondus® Veris F-digital Digital basin mixer

A new bathroom is now an investment in your health and wellbeing; let GROHE F-digital transform your daily rituals into sensational experiences.

Enjoy Flexibility

Style, functionality and a wealth of products to choose from. Thanks to the modular design of the collection, precise and intuitive digital control is available for all points of interaction in the bathroom.


F-digital Puck Digital controller and digital diverter for shower
Whether it’s a single hand shower or a bespoke GROHE SPA® shower, with head shower, hand shower and side showers, we have a digital solution to match.


Veris F-Digital Puck Digital controller and digital diverter for bath
For a minimalist look choose a freestanding bath spout, or enjoy the added benefits of a hand shower with our integrated bath/shower combinations.


Veris F-digital Digital basin mixer
Wall-mounted and deck-mounted basin spouts are combined with the digital controller, which can be positioned on the wall or on the ceramic.


Veris F-digital
Deck-mounted bidet spouts complete the collection. Use the memory function to save your preferred combination of water temperature and flow.

Flexibility for your GROHE SPA®

Luxurious personalised experiences, thermostatic showers and intuitive digital controls, which can be mounted wherever you please; GROHE F-digital unites simple operation with a world of planning opportunities.

Personalise the Experience
Precise control, the perfect temperature and the luxury of saving your preferred settings with a single touch; GROHE F-digital will change your perception of faucets and showers.

Design and Planning Freedom
GROHE F-digital offers maximum design and planning freedom; with wireless technology and a full range of coordinating products for the shower, bathtub, basin and bidet, you can plan your bathroom exactly as you wish.
F-digital Puck Digital controller and digital diverter for bath
Turn the ring which surrounds the controller to adjust the water flow.
F-digital Puck Digital controller and digital diverter for shower
Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to increase or decrease the temperature.
Veris F-Digital Puck Digital controller and digital diverter for bath
Alternating between hand shower, head shower and side showers (bath tub) has never been easier. Just press the corresponding button on the diverter.

Shower Solutions

From a simple shower renovation project to a fully-integrated hydrotherapy shower, GROHE F-digital includes a multitude of showering solutions. The wireless Digital Controller and Digital Diverter connect remotely to a thermostatic mixing unit, for accurate temperature control, greater showering comfort, and enhanced design freedom.

Warm-Up Mode
The light on the Digital Controller flashes when your pre-selected temperature is reached, so you’ll know exactly when your shower is ready.


When you want to shampoo your hair or apply an exfoliating body scrub, just press the ‘Pause’ button and the system will memorise your current settings. Press the button again to restart the water at the exact same temperature and flow.

Digital Diverter
Manage up to three shower outlets, e.g. a head shower, a hand shower and a row of side showers, with a single Digital Diverter. The outlets can be selected separately or in parallel.


A safety lock is factory-set at 38°C to prevent the temperature from being accidentally being raised above this level. The limit can be adjusted, according to your needs.

Bathtub Solutions

From a single freestanding bath spout to integrated solutions featuring a hand shower, bath spout and filler, the Digital Controller and Digital Diverter introduce a new level of luxury to the bathroom and enhance your bathing enjoyment.

Automatic bath filling

A true GROHE SPA® detail; the automatic bath filling feature will fill the bath for you to your pre-set temperature and water level.

Fill the bathtub twice as fast
For large bathtubs, combine a bath spout with a bath filler. The Digital Diverter allows you to open both outlets at the same time, so the bath can be filled faster.

Save your preferred setting
Experience comfort like never before. Use the memory function to save your individual combination of water temperature and flow.

The perfect temperature
For your safety, comfort and enjoyment all GROHE Digital shower and bathtub fittings are connected to a digital thermostatic mixer. Featuring GROHE TurboStat® technology, the thermostat reacts instantly to any changes in the incoming hot and cold water supplies, to ensure the temperature you select remains constant for the duration of your shower.

Basin Solutions

Throughout the day, the Digital Controller brings the convenience of one-touch operation to the basin. Wireless control, right on the button.

For all styles of basin
Wall-mounted and deck-mounted basin spouts have been designed to accommodate all styles and sizes of basin.

Convenient operation
As the spout and the mixing unit are digitally connected, the Digital Controller can be positioned anywhere around the basin: on the wall, on the ceramic or on the countertop.

Digital sustainablility
Time after water flow stops automatically can be adjusted to fit your personal needs and save water.