Instant boiling water plus integrated
kitchen faucet.

Boiling hot water. In the past you would have needed a pot or kettle, now it comes directly from the faucet. The innovative GROHE Red™ boiler system keeps three to six litres of boiling water (depending on the boiler version) ready for immediate use at all times.
GROHE Red® Faucet and single-boiler
GROHE Red Pillar Tap and single-boiler

Hot features.
More convenience.

Take a moment to count up just how many times you need boiling water in the kitchen. When you’re looking forward to a nice cup of tea, when you want pasta in tomato sauce this instant, when the baby’s crying with hunger but the bottle is not sterilised yet. This list goes on…

With GROHE Red®, you can draw 100 ºC water directly from the faucet without having to wait. Up to three or six litres depending on the size of the boiler. Simple. Economical. And with a responsible energy balance.

The Water's Boiling!

Draw boiling hot water in addition to mixed water
When you want more from your kitchen faucet than hot and cold water
choose a GROHE Red® system. GROHE Red® goes beyond regular faucets to introduce new features, functionality and convenience to your kitchen.

The collection features two sizes of faucet: Duo and Mono, and two sizes
of boiler: 4 litres and 8 litres.
The larger Duo model replaces a standard kitchen faucet – enabling you to draw boiling hot water in addition to regular mixed water.

Left image:
GROHE Red® handles
  1. GROHE Red® boiling water
  2. Hot and cold mixed water
GROHE Red Single-lever sink mixer

GROHE Red® Safety Features

GROHE CoolTouch®
GROHE CoolTouch® technology insulates the faucet so well that you can touch it without any risk at all. Even for those little fingers that sometimes touch things they shouldn‘t. Our engineers have found a solution to childhood curiosity and grown-up absentmindedness.

Left image
: with GROHE CoolTouch®
Right image: without GROHE CoolTouch®
GROHE CoolTouch

GROHE ChildLock

ChildLock does not rule out the possibility of scalding from 100 °C water, but it does make it practically impossible: for the boiling water to flow, you need to first pull and then turn the left handle.
The child-friendliness of the fitting has been independently tested and certified.

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Left image:

How to use ChildLock
  1. Pull
  2. Turn
Your GROHE Kitchen

GROHE Red® pays off. For you and the environment.

GROHE Red® proves that convenience and environmental awareness do not have to be mutually exclusive. In contrast to a water boiler or boiling water on a hob, with our innovation you only heat as much water as you need. This saves water, energy and even costs. In basic mode, GROHE Red® boilers cost just 10 cents* a day to maintain the water at 100 °C once heated.

* Based on the average power costs for 2009 in Germany,
depending on ambient and water temperature

GROHE Red® Water Systems

We don’t just want to make your life more convenient, we also want to give you more space in the kitchen to live this life: GROHE Red® consists of just a fitting and a boiler which can be installed unobtrusively and compactly under any standard sink, making water boilers and kettles a thing of the past.

GROHE Red® Duo Fitting
For hot and cold mixed water as well as boiling water at any time. Available in two spout designs and different colour options.

GROHE Red® Mono Fitting
For boiling water without the wait. Available in two spout designs and different colour options.

GROHE Red® 4-litre boiler

The smallest version at 34 x 20 x 24 cm – for up to three litres of boiling water.

GROHE Red® 8-litre boiler

This boiler with integrated mixing can be used for kitchens which only have a cold water connection and supplies up to six litres of boiling water or 15 litres of 50 °C water.

Duo Fitting

GROHE Red® Pillar tap

Mono Fitting

GROHE Red® Combi boiler


GROHE Technology

GROHE SilkMove®

GROHE SilkMove®

Smoothest handling for effortless precision and ultimate comfort for a lifetime.
GROHE StarLight®

GROHE StarLight®

Made-to-last surfaces ranging from precious matt to shiny like a diamond.
GROHE CoolTouch®

GROHE CoolTouch®

No scalding on hot surfaces thanks to 100% GROHE CoolTouch®.


Integrated safety mechanism prevents unintentional opening by young children.
GROHE Enhanced Water™

GROHE Enhanced Water™

Superior-quality water direct from the kitchen faucet – saving time, money and the environment.
Titanium Inside

Titanium Inside

All boilers in our GROHE Red® collection are made from titanium.

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