The Art of Levitation

Reveal to your clients the mystical art of levitation- an elevated concept where showering is both, therapeutic and sensational. A zone to rejuvenate, stretch out and gently, float away. A zone aptly coined Aqua Cloud. Give in to the invigorating world of Aqua cloud. A horizontal shower designed to caress every little pore on the body, bringing all senses to a rhythmic calm. A space where your clients rediscover showering, as they lie back, eager to be pampered by rain-like water drops. Spirits lifted, bodies soaked and pores tantalized, they imagine themselves flying away amongst pristine clouds

Digital Versatility

Explore the seamless world of digital controls- intuitive, interactive and ingenious. Meticulously designed to personalize individual experiences and, with maximum planning freedom, so that your clients can plan their bathroom exactly as they wish.

Uniting simple operation with the latest wireless technology, both the Digital Controller and Digital Diverter can be fixed in a position most convenient for your clients; on the wall, on the edge of the bathtub or basin, even on a glass shower screen.
F-digital Puck Digital controller and digital diverter for bath

F-digital Puck Digital controller and digital diverter for shower

F-digital Puck Digital controller and digital diverter for shower

Precise control, the perfect temperature and the luxury of saving preferred settings with a single touch; the digital puck will change your client’s perception of faucets and showers. Combine with it the sound of their favorite music, enabled by an Apple iPod control, and transform the shower area into an ambient rejuvenation zone.

Multi-faceted installation Guide for Aqua Cloud

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