Tailor-Make A Shower Statement

In our previous mailer ‘From Power-Yoga to Shower-Yoga’, we had revealed simple stretching exercises in a steam room that could create a distinctive showering experience, while simultaneously encouraging a healthy regime. Our current issue takes you through the exclusive concept of ‘tailor-made showering’ - a concept through which you can help your clients find their perfect shower concept. Enter the world of bespoke showering, where we present a perceptive understanding of your clients’ lifestyles and a superlative way to compliment them.

Paul Flowers (Senior Vice President - Design, Grohe AG)


With our dynamic spa concepts, your clients can discover a shower experience they can truly call their own. Picture a tailor-made showering concept so intuitive, it allows clients to create and re-create their shower surroundings in their desired cubicle sizes. Help your clients select from a vibrant range of ceiling head showers, side shower panels and water controls for a customized showering concept. From changing the color of their showering ambience to selecting the music that suits their mood, they will be experiencing an altogether unique shower experience, each time.



Your clients can now create their perfect shower experience in a 100cm x 100cm area! Our Small Spa configuration lets you enjoy chromo and audio therapy complemented by GROHE Rainshower F20 ceiling headshower and three side shower panels for full body coverage.


For a bigger area of 150cm x 150cm, in addition to the above, you have the option of adding a small bench, to enjoy a luxurious steam bath with the F-digital Deluxe steam generator. Coordinate your headshower, Sena handshower and side showers with the Grohtherm F mechanical water controls, to adjust temperature and pressure with ease.


If you’ve got space to work with, why not recommend an indulgent 250cm x 250cm shower concept? Utilize the space for a larger bench which can accommodate 2 people, for a luxurious steam bath in an orchestra of light, sound and water. With 2 additional speakers outside the cubicle, you can also listen to your favorite tunes outside the shower.

Product & Technical Details

Private SPA

GROHE introduces the F-digital Deluxe, a super-slim and intuitive ambient controller that orchestrates our new collection of products designed to stimulate the senses.

F-digital Deluxe

Tailor-Made Showering with GROHE F-digital Deluxe