From Power-Yoga to Shower-Yoga

Steam Away Stress

Muscles can be subjected to a great deal of mechanical stress on a daily basis especially in cases where particularly strenuous physical activity is involved. It is therefore important to indulge in a steam bath every once in a while to expedite muscle recovery. Steam therapy is also great for the joints, which is why it is recommended for those suffering from joint problems such as arthritis.

Limber Up

Stretching or basic yoga asanas performed during a steam session enables a more effective detoxification and relaxation process. Strategically placed body jets in GROHE Spa® shower concepts can work to release pressure onto key stress points like the spine, the neck and shoulders during these exercises, inducing instantaneous muscle relief and reactivation of nerves.

Each person is unique and now their shower can be too

Everyone’s lifestyle is different and individual habits vary from person to person. Thus when it comes to hygiene and personal care, no two people are bound to follow the same routine. GROHE prides itself on understanding this uniqueness and therefore offers you tailor-made spa concepts. Coming up in our next issue, explore your shower personality with GROHE’s Chroma-therapy, Audio-therapy, an array of spray pattern and much more!

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