Put Your Best Foot Forward

Introducing Aquatherapy massage for the Feet and Legs from GROHE Spa®

During our last rendezvous in GROHE’s ‘Spa of the Month’ 3 we began unveiling the benefits of Aquatherapy and how GROHE can help you provide your customers the opportunity to experience a renewed sense of calm and vitality each time they step into a shower. Let us now continue our journey into the world of Aquatherapy as we focus on some of the most strained parts of the body – the feet and legs. In this edition of ‘Spa of the Month’ we will explore the advantages of a series of refreshing and relieving massages created by GROHE, for the feet and legs, through its unique spa concepts.

Walk the Path of Soothing Respite

When we feel fatigue at the end of a long day, we usually chalk it up to hectic schedules without a second thought to the fact that this exhaustion stems from our feet and legs being under continuous strain from morning to evening. Though these vital parts of our body support our entire weight throughout the day, not to mention are forced to mould themselves into shoes built more for style than comfort, all whilst we zoom from one meeting to another – yet we only seem to want to rest them when we get home! But what they really need is a little more pampering so that they are revitalized, recovered and ready to take on a new day.

Put your feet up and let our Aquatherapy do the rest – Feet & Legs Massage

GROHE offers an enticingly revitalizing experience for the feet and legs with the uniquely intelligent and strategic placement of its body jets in our customized Spa setup. These elements aid in the manipulation of deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue in the feet and legs, through pressurized water, to enhance function, generate healing, decrease muscle reflex activity as well as promote relaxation and relief.

Aqua Feet & Legs Massage Product Details and Codes

Multi-faceted installation Guide for Aqua Feet & Legs Massage

The upcoming issue of ‘Spa of the Month’ promises to be an exciting one because we will explore some Stretching Exercise Techniques in Aquatherapy, similar to the basic ‘Asanas’ in Yoga. Yoga, as we know, is widely practiced world over for its curative as well as physical, mental and spiritual benefits. GROHE will show you how you can use this concept along with our customized Spa configurations to give your customers wholesome, healthy stretching exercise therapies.