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...with Aquatherapy from GROHE Spa.

“We are excited to take you further into exploring the benefits of Home Spa for your clients. Previously, we have revealed that there is an endlessly large spectrum of possibilities of your client’s dream Home Spa, and also introduced the potential to turn them into reality with the F digital Deluxe. With GROHE, your clients are guaranteed a fresh look at showering each time they step into their very own Aqua Zone.

Commencing from this edition of 'Spa of the Month' and in continuation of the 'Customized Home Spa' concept, we will explore the idea of Aquatherapy and how you can use this concept to provide your clients with an impeccably tailored home spa that transports them to a haven of revitalization and relaxation in their own homes.”

- Paul Flowers (Senior Vice President Design, Grohe AG)


A great artist, scientist, architect and inventor once said, “Water is the driving force of nature”; and from the time Leonardo da Vinci recognized the power of water, till the 21st century, artists, scientists, architects and inventors have never ceased to uncover the remarkable qualities of this life-sustaining element.

Aquatherapy is a part of physiotherapy that involves the use of water for pain relief and treatment. GROHE brings your clients the calming caress and the invigorating vitality of aquatherapy. Our spa environment unfolds as a welcome oasis in an otherwise stress-filled lifestyle.

Here, your clients can experience how the amalgam of water, temperature and pressure, perfectly orchestrated through GROHE showers, stimulates the points of the body where stress and tension accumulate. The muscle-relaxing, pressurized water enhanced by the dynamic GROHE DreamSpray technology facilitates the blood flow, further relaxes and soothes tired bodies while lifting the spirit.

Aqua Spine & Shoulders

With the advent of technology and its permeation into our daily lives, the number of sedentary jobs has significantly risen over the past decades and the hardest working parts of the body suffer the most. Back and shoulder pain have become commonplace due to continuously sitting in one position for long hours, causing muscles to tense up and stiffen. Here is where GROHE recommends Spine and Shoulder Massage Aquatherapy for your clients.

Back to a soothing revival - rejuvenation aqua spine massage.

Back massage therapy is in particularly high demand with adults and the number of beneficiaries of this therapy has doubled since the last decade. This is primarily due to jobs that require long hours of sitting in a constant position. The constant tightening of muscles causes inflammation leading eventually to back pain.

GROHE F-digital Deluxe showering effects a back massage that increases the levels of endomorphins, chemicals that will make your clients feel fresh. The added improvement of blood circulation will further ease muscle soreness.

Feel the weight melt off - rejuvenation aqua shoulder massage.

Almost all daily activities today, such as working on a computer, writing, driving, etc., cause the shoulder muscles to become overly stressed. The shoulder and neck together hold up the heaviest part of the body: the head.

When the head is held at unnatural angles for prolonged periods of time, the stress on the neck and shoulder muscles is increased tenfold. GROHE showering acts like a deep-acting analgesic on the shoulder muscles, relaxing the stress, stimulating the blood flow and improving the lymph system function. Here too with the release of endomorphins, your clients will experience a great feeling of well-being.