It´s not a bathroom.

Paul Flowers welcomes you to the Aqua Zone – a zeitgeist space that speaks the language of individual style and where every element invites interaction.

Are you still calling it a bathroom?
It's aqua therapy for your spirits. Four innovative ways in which water interacts with every pore of your skin
The award winning team of GROHE presents a unique environment that will become a personal oasis for people to enjoy water.


  • Double basins for couples to have the freedom to get ready at the same time
  • Wall mounted for easier cleaning
  • Well illuminated for a better shave and better application of cosmetics
  • Floating storage makes the room appear larger
  • Horizontal wooden stripes to enhance aesthetics and to make the room appear wide


  • Seating for 2 people to enjoy the steam mode together
  • Generous shower size gives a feeling of freedom
  • A fusion of chromo, audio and aqua therapy
  • Adjustable body jets for desired height
  • Smooth integrated shower tray that doesn't come into contact with feet


  • Freestanding bathtub, accessible from all sides
  • Additional step provides easy access to the tub
  • Generous storage area recessed into the wall
  • Customized system for music and audio books, mood lighting with infinite colour options
  • Freestanding bath filler makes an aesthetic statement


  • Integration of natural elements creates a perfect environment for stretching, 
  • yoga or meditation
  • Open fireplace creates a warm and human ambience
  • Flexible seating solution provides horizontal relaxation
  • Soft floor improves the acoustics and softens the environment
  • A station to rehydrate your body with filtered, chilled, still or sparkling water

Find GROHE SPA Partner near you

Find GROHE SPA Partner near you

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