Bring the mind, body & soul in perfect harmony with the GROHE F-digital Deluxe.

I am delighted to share the next issue of 'The Spa of the Month', with you. Second in the series, it will start a chain of ideas concerning our individual solutions. We begin with GROHE F-digital Deluxe, a unique offering that helps you create a spa environment for your customers, irrespective of space!
Paul Flowers, (Senior Vice President Design, Grohe AG)


Give your customers a unique showering experience that stimulates their senses. Now they can transform their shower into a personal spa haven with a single touch. From changing the color of their showering ambience to selecting the music that suits their mood, they will be creating and re-creating their surroundings, every time. And of course, water will also flow on their command, from soothing steam to energetic jets, GROHE F-digital Deluxe gives them a shower that matches their needs and preferences.

Light, Sound and Steam, together they create an aura of well-being that
gives your customers a tailor-made experience.

Based on popular bathroom sizes there are three inspirational luxury showers to choose amongst the bespoke solutions for your customers


Even in a smaller shower cabin of 100x100 cm, you can offer your customers, a luxurious shower, with GROHE SPA®. With two light modules and two sound modules installed in the ceiling, your customer can enjoy a combination of chromo and sound therapy. These modules are complemented by a GROHE Rainshower® F20” Xl ceiling head shower and three side showers for full-body coverage.


In a bigger room of 150 cm, you have enough room to suggest a small bench and the chance to enjoy luxurious steam therapy, with the GROHE F-digital Deluxe steam generator. Combine the showers with the powerful and flexible Grohtherm F mechanical water controls – always the right temperature – and a Sena hand shower.


If you have the space, why not build a 250 cm-wide Xl shower? Use the extra space for a full-width bench to offer enough space to lounge and enjoy water, light, sound and steam from F-digital Deluxe. With two speakers in the shower room and two outside, they can also listen to the music outside the shower.

Multi-faceted installation guide for F-digital Deluxe

Perfect Wiring to enjoy water
The ideal mix of hot and cold
Black: Wire Connections
Red: Hot Water
Blue: Cold Water
Purple: Mixed Water
Brown: Steam Waste

A thousand and one ways to enhance the well-being of your esteemed customers

With Grohe, there are no limits placed on creativity.
To find out how to create and offer a unique shower experience

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Find GROHE SPA Partner near you

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