Five Ways LIXIL is Making a Difference on World Toilet Day

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Tokyo, Japan – LIXIL, maker of pioneering water and housing products, has its sights firmly set on improving global access to basic sanitation. To mark World Toilet Day, the company today announced five new initiatives to help tackle the global sanitation crisis – all while helping to develop the future sanitation economy.

From its revolutionary shower toilets to its “breathing” wall tiles that help control allergens, LIXIL has always focused on innovations that solve real consumer needs. But the company’s attention today isn’t solely on existing consumers; it believes that creating solutions for the 2.3 billion people that still don’t have access to basic sanitation is an opportunity to solve one of the world’s greatest social challenges, and to do so sustainably by helping to develop a future market.

“Whether we are designing the most luxurious toilets or the most affordable and functional, we are innovating and designing for people. People are at the heart of our solutions. We believe by creating solutions for the 2.3 billion people who today do not have access to basic sanitation will not only enable us to meet their needs, but also help drive demand from the consumer side,” commented Jin Song Montesano, Chief Public Affairs Officer at LIXIL, who oversees the company’s sanitation initiatives.

To date, LIXIL has already commercialized solutions such as its innovative and affordable SATO products. Having to defecate in the open, into an open pit, or over an inadequate pit latrine exposes millions of people to odors and disease. SATO products require little water to flush away waste compared to conventional toilets, while using a counterweighted trap door that closes to help keep out odors and flying insects that can spread disease.

Expanding on its global SATO operations, which have so far enabled access to basic sanitation for approximately nine million people in over 20 countries, LIXIL is now aiming to make an even bigger difference through five new initiatives:

1. Launching the Make a Splash! donations initiative with UNICEF

LIXIL and UNICEF announced a bold new international partnership earlier this year to tackle the sanitation challenge, called Make a Splash! Toilets for All. This initiative will contribute to global efforts to help 250 million people gain access to an adequate toilet by 2021. On World Toilet Day, LIXIL will launch an online donations page as part of its fund-raising activities to enable other interested parties to participate. Funds raised online will support the partnership’s on-the-ground market development and advocacy initiatives.

2. Field-Testing the Portable Toilet System in Indonesia

LIXIL’s Portable Toilet System will be piloted in Palembang City in Indonesia. The Portable Toilet System is an in-home sanitation solution designed for informal urban settlements that lack proper sanitation infrastructure. Currently, it is being developed and field-tested in order to offer households an affordable and easy-to-install toilet from which human waste can be collected and treated hygienically and efficiently.

3. Collaborating to scale up the Tiger Toilet Digester in India

LIXIL has signed a Letter of Intent to collaborate with TBF Environmental Solutions on bringing to scale a truly ground-breaking toilet with a compartment of tiger worms that help to digest the waste – also known as the Tiger Toilet Digester. As part of their work together, LIXIL will provide commercial guidance.

4. Co-hosting the World Toilet Summit in India

This year, LIXIL will be co-hosting with the World Toilet Organization the 18th edition of the World Toilet Summit in Mumbai as the lead sponsor. The summit this year will pose a very pertinent question to all speakers and participating delegates- can the world be open defecation free by 2030? Jin Montesano will be the keynote speaker at the event along with other LIXIL panelists and delegates. The summit will consist of public and private sector attendees and LIXIL representatives will take part in a number of sanitation discussions, and will host a workshop about innovations within the Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) sector.

5. Collaborating with Unko Sensei (“Professor Poop”) in Japan

LIXIL has been present at Icho Matsuri, a festival in Tokyo (November 16 – 19), where it has collaborated with popular children’s character, Unko Sensei, to educate children about the importance of having access to safe sanitation. LIXIL also installed a see-through toilet so visitors can truly experience the emotional impact of open defecation.

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