GROHE is an organisation that provides a lot of different opportunities. Just because you did your apprenticeship in one field doesn't mean that you will stay there.

Sebastian Müller
Head of Foundry, Plant Hemer, At GROHE since 2005


How did you come to work at GROHE?

I am at GROHE now in the third generation. My father has been working here for 31 years and even my grandparents were employees. So I already knew what GROHE was about. When I was 14 years old I was able to have a one day trial and in 2004 I did a three week training in the foundry. That’s when I knew that I wanted to do my apprenticeship here. I guess I was already born with some GROHE DNA inside me.

What were the personal highlights of your apprenticeship?

My personal highlight was “Azubi on Tour” in 2008. The opportunity to gain some insights into the sales department was completely new to me and a fantastic experience. The apprenticeship in general was a great time and something I learned to appreciate even more when talking to my friends who did their apprenticeships in other companies. One of my best friends will also start his apprenticeship here shortly, and this is something I am personally very happy about.

Which aspect of working at GROHE means the most to you?

The people in my team, and the continuous upskilling of myself and every member in the team. After I became head of the foundry in October 2015, I changed the structure entirely and not everyone was happy about this at first. I defined new areas, rewrote the job profiles and reduced some hierarchical layers. When I look back and see where we are today, I am proud to say that in the end, everything was accepted and is now well established.

How would you describe the spirit of GROHE?

In the foundry, we have always had a very special spirit. Everyone helps each other, even across departments and plants. At GROHE everyone who asks for help can be sure of receiving support, from everywhere. If you are new to the organisation or the department, there is no need to be afraid because people will always stand by your side and help out, which is absolutely fantastic.

Every work day should also contain moments of joy. When was the last time you and your colleagues laughed together?

We are quite a young management team and all my colleagues and even superiors are not as “old-fashioned” as they used to be. Everything is very open and laid-back, and that’s why we actually have things to laugh about on a daily basis.

What is your vision for GROHE’s future and where do you see the biggest challenges in the years to come?

Our biggest challenge is to remain competitive. That’s why we continuously need to explore new technologies. The great thing about GROHE is that it is okay to make mistakes. If you try new things, not everything always works out, but then at least you know where to focus your efforts. This has not always been the case, but today the clear message is: “Go. Do. Try.”

Do you have a particular hobby or interest that you are passionate about?

I enjoy cooking and I also have a great interest in nutrition. Because not only have my fellow employees changed – I have as well. I have learned that “to lead you need to change your behaviour”, that’s why I have started to change my diet and lost almost 50 kg in only one year. In general I like being active and doing things. I also really like travelling and music.

What do you enjoy most working for GROHE?

I love the “GROHE Cup”. I participated myself, as an employee and as a manager. Here in the plant, in cooperation with different departments, we are also organising Kart-racing. The plant manager and the workers’ council are also going to take part, which is great.

What advice would you give someone who wants to apply to GROHE?

I would say “do it now!”