Respect and team spirit play a very important role in our company culture.

Jing Jing Chen
Head of Operations Performance Management, At GROHE since 2010


When you look back on the past week, what was your most interesting experience at work?

In operations controlling, my tasks are very diverse and influenced by time factors. A normal week is basically not as intense as the budget planning, for example, because we plan the whole coming year. We are currently in the month-end closing, and it is always eventful.

Which aspect of working at GROHE means the most to you?

Achieving our goals company-wide, together as one team. We work closely together with Thomas Fuhr (Executive Director, Operations) and the whole operations team to achieve our mission.

How would you describe the spirit at GROHE?

Respect and team spirit play a very important role in our company culture. And of course, our ambition to achieve targets. We are very goal-oriented and determined to accomplish our mission. This is something very significant for GROHE. Last year, we delivered great results which was the outcome of the whole team pulling together.

What is your vision for GROHE’s future?

We want to make sure that our products reach all consumers to gain more market share. With our innovations, we aim to improve people’s lives and aid the environment. The launch of GROHE Sense and GROHE Sense Guard at the ISH, which is the biggest fair for our industry, created an absolute “wow” effect – a fantastic experience for us.

At GROHE you never stop learning. In what ways has working at GROHE helped you develop?

GROHE has really provided me with a lot of opportunities since the day I joined and for this I am very grateful. I work very hard to show my gratitude and make sure that I always give something back in return.

You participated in the GPS programme. How did it help you to grow into your managing position?

GROHE is international and intercultural. For me, the intercultural aspect is something very important. The diverse project teams were great in order to learn more about the different cultural backgrounds. Of course in the professional world you always talk about the hard facts, numbers etc. and about achieving targets. But in a managerial role, it is very important to understand where employees come from and this is something that the GPS has helped me to understand.

What is the most recent thing you have learned at work or helped others to learn?

Last week I was in Lahr with my colleague and spent time with people at the factory. We went through our crucial controlling processes together and took a tour through the plant. We had a lot of fruitful discussions and this helped us all to understand things better. That´s when I realised that we should take more time to share experiences.

Everyone needs inspiration to build a career. Where do you find yours?

From my daughter. She is my inspiration. She has already done a two-weeks internship at GROHE. I identify strongly with our products and now my daughter knows them well. Wherever we are, she always tells me, “look mum, those are GROHE products.”

What advice would you give someone who wants to apply to GROHE?

I always say to our students and trainees “come to GROHE, because here you are really given an opportunity”. We have a great team, great products and a very good working atmosphere. I am convinced that GROHE has a great future and I am personally looking forward to it very much.