Beauty Elixir Water Makes You Shine at the Touch of a Button

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  • Carbonated water as a beauty booster for a radiant complexion
  • The new trend from Japan now invigorates Europe
  • A fountain of youth for homes – GROHE Blue Home provides refreshing drinking water straight from the faucet

Düsseldorf, 18. October 2018. Water is the key component for beauty. Drinking enough water used to be considered as the secret formula for smooth skin. Now, Asia surprises us with a beauty trend that delights Europe: Carbonated water is the new beauty booster for a radiant complexion. Here are our top 3 water-based beauty tips:

1. Sparkling Facial Cleansing from Asia
Simply soak a cotton pad in carbonated mineral water and then dab it onto the cleansed skin. Another option is to immerse the face in sparkling water for a few seconds. [1] Both methods provide finer pores, tighten the skin and consequently provide the perfect anti-aging agent and a radiant complexion. The trend from Asia has you covered!

2. Drinking Lots of Water Makes One Beautiful – Directly Start in the Morning!
Four cups of water on an empty stomach provide the extra boost and improve the blood circulation of the skin as well as the strengthening of the immune system and metabolism. [2] Harmful toxins are flushed out, hair becomes shinier and we are ready to energetically start the day – it can’t get better than that!

3. Flower Power with a Twist: Flowery Water Ice Cubes Make for a Kick of Freshness
Ice cubes enriched with flowers and herbs such as chamomile, lavender or roses make the skin glow. [3] The cold temperature causes the blood vessels to contract, minimizing redness. At the same time, the aromas stimulate blood circulation, refine pores and have an anti-inflammatory effect. How cool is that!

Our conclusion: Water is a true beauty elixir. Anyone who does not like to carry heavy crates of water and wants to be sustainable at the same time should consider the water system GROHE Blue that provides chilled, filtered or carbonated water at the touch of a button directly from the faucet.

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