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Consumers can enjoy the purest drinking water thanks to GROHE Light and GROHE Zero®

Water is the source of life. But only really pure water is suitable for drinking, cooking and washing and thus good for people’s health. It therefore goes without saying that GROHE, the global sanitary fittings brand, attaches top priority to drinking water hygiene. The company’s R&D department is constantly working on new solutions, which allow GROHE to meet and exceed the legal requirements for drinking water protection and act as a global role model. To achieve this, GROHE relies on the GROHE Light brass alloy as well as the GROHE Zero® technologies, which are used not only in kitchen faucets but now also in bathroom fittings. The latest example is the new Eurostyle single-lever mixer with GROHE Zero® technology for the bathroom.

High-quality brass from in-house foundries

What makes GROHE a “Master of Technology” is the long-standing experience in the development of proprietary brass alloys. GROHE factories incorporate central smelting plants, where workers produce brass from different ingredients. This means that GROHE has full control of the materials used at all times. Copper and zinc are mixed according to the same standards at all locations while internal recycling also ensures that only suitable materials enter the recycling process. The result are high-quality brass housings meeting international legal requirements.

GROHE Light – brass for the international market

Based on the new, optimised formulation, GROHE has created a brass alloy, which contains no more than 0.9 percent of lead and thus remains clearly below the legal limits in the European Union, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. This means that GROHE Light’s lead content is 35 percent lower than the formerly used standard brass without adding hazardous lead substitutes. To maximise the health benefits for consumers, GROHE converted its entire brass production to GROHE Light at the beginning of the year 2015 and adjusted its processes accordingly.

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