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In today’s frantic world, a home is no longer merely a wood-and-stone shell in which to reside and store one’s possessions. Your home is a safe haven, a cocoon from the outside world, a place of rest, nourishment and tranquillity; and just as the home itself has surpassed its most basic functions and become something more, so too have the rooms within it.

The contemporary kitchens and bathrooms of today are no longer merely functional and utilitarian household features, but are blended seamlessly and holistically into the design of the home. At their best, they are beautiful, comfortable and luxurious living spaces in their own right.

This is where GROHE comes in. We are the world’s leading single-brand designer and supplier of superior sanitary fittings and accessories, holding approximately 8 per cent of the world market.

Our products are the perfect embellishment to any designer kitchens or luxurious bathrooms, and make use of the latest award winning design and industry-leading technologies. From shower heads to faucets and mixer taps, when faced with our range you are sure to be creatively inspired with a multitude of kitchen and bathroom ideas to make the home of your dreams into a reality.
As industry leaders in water-related technologies, GROHE recognises the ever-increasing importance of ensuring the future of this precious resource. When only 3 per cent of our planet’s water is drinkable, we take pride in our ability to seamlessly blend eco-mindedness with luxury. GROHE EcoJoy™ technology has long been a feature of our fittings, and helps save up to 68 per cent of household water usage, and the Grohe Red™ range lowers the energy requirements for water heating. We consider the economical use of water and energy not only as a challenge and a moral duty, but also as a great pleasure.

GROHE WaterCare® is a promise that we constantly strive to secure the future of our most precious natural resource without compromising on the quality and comfort that our clients have come to expect.

We are proud of our products’ long-standing history of exquisite design, cutting edge technologies, strength, durability and trusted service. Our reputation for superior quality makes us the industry leaders in sanitary fittings around the globe, whether in residential, commercial, educational or healthcare applications. We are honoured to have supplied some of the world’s most iconic hotels, sports stadiums, commercial properties, airports and healthcare facilities (-> International reference objects).

Quality sanitary fittings should not be an afterthought, but an integral part of your perfect kitchen or bathroom design. When reliability and trust are vital, our clients can rest assured that they are receiving attractive, user-friendly products that are built to last, and with the power to refresh and soothe body and soul.