GROHE Innovations 2017

This is the motto chosen by GROHE for its exhibit at ISH 2017. Building on the promise of its “Pure Freude an Wasser” slogan, the motto shifts the attention to the manufacturer’s smart solutions.

Exciting innovations awaited visitors on their tour of the booth. The bathroom section presented the industry’s largest product portfolio. Here attention focussed, in particular, on the new Essence models with their varied shapes, colours and finished, and the new bathroom ceramics which were developed in conjunction with LIXIL.
Special highlights included what is arguably the world’s most exclusive bathroom, with the new AquaSymphony luxury shower system, promising a truly exceptional spa experience.
On the kitchen showroom space visitors were able to try out the new foot-controlled kitchen sink taps and other new GROHE technologies, like the new GROHE Blue Home and GROHE Red systems.

Discover our unique range of products and services here below.



Before a drip becomes a flood.

Detect to take care with GROHE Sense
The GROHE Sense system monitors humidity, detects water leaks, instantly alerts you and shuts off water automatically.

Enjoy intelligent & complete water security for your home – 24 / 7.
Read more about GROHE Sense and GROHE Sense Guard

Smartcontrol - The new Shower interface

Think of a shower. Isn’t it simply water droplets falling down? It’s hardly rocket science. And yet what GROHE SmartControl does with water has to be felt to be believed. It elevates the simple shower to a whole new shower experience that seems to have been made for you alone.

Perfect Match
Introducing GROHE Ceramics

Finding a perfect match isn’t easy. That’s also true for the bathroom. Because our ceramics come with a selection of recommended combinations that fit our faucets, showers and sanitary systems they complement one other in both design and technology: the overwhelming variety of options are distilled into one simple choice. Save yourself the trial and error and make only one easy choice: for a perfect match.
Lineare New

Sensual Minimalism

The cosmopolitan aesthetic of Lineare is minimal yet highly inviting. In keeping with the concept of minimalism, Lineare has been reduced to only the necessary elements to achieve the thinnest possible appearance.

The new Hot Spot in your kitchen.

Never wait for the kettle to boil again. With the innovative GROHE Red system you can fill anything, from a mug to a large pot, with kettle hot water in an instant and all direct from your kitchen faucet. With GROHE Red you still have your standard kitchen mixer, but separate push buttons provide kettle hot water on tap.

Pure Luxury:
AquaSymphony by GROHE

AquaSymphony is not a shower – it’s a wellness zone, a place where water takes on a life of its own. AquaSymphony plays with water, creating ever-changing liquid harmonies. Just imagine the pleasure that awaits you.
More about Aquasymphony on your local GROHE website

Push, Turn, Shower
Rainshower SmartControl

With the new GROHE Rainshower SmartControl 360 shower system you’ll enjoy a personalised and luxurious showering experience every day. The new innovative controls offer direct intuitive spray-pattern selection with a personalised volume setting and memory function. Simply push to start and stop then turn to adjust the water flow.
Discover Rainshower SmartControl
Rainshower SmartControl

Essence - Freedom of choice

With its extensive range of sizes, colours and finishes, the new Essence series will make you feel completely spoilt for choice. The full range – from faucets to showers and accessories – offers you four different colours to choose from, either with an elegantly brushed or highly polished finish. Also available in SuperSteel and chrome. That’s what we call freedom of choice. Enjoy.
Discover Essence on your local GROHE website

Essence Kitchen Faucets
Delicate design, powerful features

Discover a minimal style that’s full of warmth with GROHE’s new Essence tap. The slim architectural shape is enhanced with organic design elements ideal for a contemporary kitchen, inviting touch and interaction for the sensual chef.
Learn more about Essence Kitchen
Sensia Arena

The GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet

GROHE Sensia® Arena stands for Intelligent Care. Behind it are visionary ideas from GROHE, the most modern technology available and the unparalleled ability to combine it all. Enjoy innovative functions that are tailored to your personal needs.
Experience GROHE Sensia Arena

Welcome to your private water source:
GROHE Blue Home

When was the last time you truly tasted water? When you took a sip that left you thirsting for more? That’s what happens after your first encounter with GROHE Blue Home: a beautiful and intelligent system that transforms simple water into pure thirst-quenching pleasure, and your kitchen into a meeting place for thirsty friends.
GROHE Blue Home on your local GROHE website