Energy Efficiency Labels

Here you can download energy labels for GROHE products, containing electrical lamps and luminaires.

At this point we provide the energy labels in all official EU languages and in the size (50 x 100 mm) as designated by EU ordinance 874/2012/EU.

The GROHE template contains at any one time 5 x 2 pieces = 10 labels per DIN A4 sheet.

Should you require another print layout (landscape format, roll paper, endless labels, etc.) you can print out the necessary GROHE labels by yourself – under specification of the GROHE product number – using the following website:

Download Energy label Position paper

Name Date Size
Energy_label_2014_03_01_EN_NL_1_0.pdf Energy_label_2014_03_01_EN_NL_1_0.pdf 2014-06-06 126.00 kB Download