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Wall Plate
Skate Cosmopolitan Wall Plate 38845LS0
Color moon white (LS0)
  • moon white
  • chrome/titanium
  • <root/>
  • velvet black
Ref. nr. 38845LS0
$377.00 List Price

Product description

Skate Cosmopolitan
Wall Plate

• GROHE EcoJoy® technology for less water and perfect flow
• With glass surface
• For dual flush or start & stop actuation
• For pneumatic discharge valve AV1
• Vertical and horizontal installation
• 6" x 7¾"
• Made of safety glass
• Fixing frame with mounting-set
• Not suitable for flushing cistern 1.6 gal

Dimensional drawings

moon white (LS0) View
chrome/titanium (BS0) View
(MF0) View
velvet black (KS0) View

Spare parts/ Exploded drawing

moon white (LS0) View
chrome/titanium (BS0) View
(MF0) View
velvet black (KS0) View

Spec Sheet

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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

2D DWG-Data moon white (LS0) Download
2D DXF-Data moon white (LS0) Download
3D DXF-Data moon white (LS0) Download
2D DWG-Data chrome/titanium (BS0) Download
2D DXF-Data chrome/titanium (BS0) Download
3D DXF-Data chrome/titanium (BS0) Download
2D DWG-Data (MF0) Download
2D DXF-Data (MF0) Download
3D DXF-Data (MF0) Download
2D DWG-Data velvet black (KS0) Download
2D DXF-Data velvet black (KS0) Download
3D DXF-Data velvet black (KS0) Download