GROHE Retro -Fit™
Shower System

From head shower to luxurious shower system

The GROHE Retro-FitShower System transforms an existing head shower installation with concealed valve into a luxurious shower system with a head shower that swivels to the perfect angle plus the added convenience of a hand shower – both featuring GROHE DreamSpray® technology. The upgrade is quick and easy to install as there is no need to change the tiles or remove any of the original work. It immediately creates a fully customized shower experience. With GROHE’s six-position diverter, you can select normal or ECO water flow through the head shower, hand shower or head plus hand shower.

The GROHE Retro-Fit™ Shower System comes pre-packed with Euphoria head and hand showers or as a basic package without head or hand shower. It can be used in any design of bathroom as it complements all GROHE shower products. It fits all GROHE head showers, from the compact New Tempesta to the XXL Rainshower®, and all hand showers, from the minimalistic Sena to the sophisticated GROHE Power&Soul®.

Water flow of GROHE Retro-Fit™ Shower System

  1. Water is suplied via concealed installation directly into the shower system through the upper bracket
  2. Water is directed through the pipe down to the diverter
  3. Water is diverted to hand shower or head shower or both as desired

6 position diverter

Front view
  1. Head shower
  2. Hand Shower
  3. Head + Hand Shower
  4. Head shower Eco flow
  5. Hand Shower Eco flow
  6. Head + Hand Shower Eco flow

The GROHE Retro-Fit™ Shower System comes pre-packed with GROHE Euphoria head and hand showers with a maximum flow of 2.5gpm or as a basic package without head or hand shower. The basic package is available as 2.5gpm or as 2.0gpm version, fulfilling all your water saving requirements.

Tecnología GROHE



Ahorre recursos preciosos y disfrutar al máximo el confort de agua.
GROHE DreamSpray®

GROHE DreamSpray®

Duchas innovadoras de calidad para la lujosa revitalización y bienestar.
GROHE StarLight®

GROHE StarLight®

Superficies que van desde precioso mate a brillante como un diamante para durar toda la vida.

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