Water-saving Taps

Minimum Consumption. Maximum Enjoyment.
GROHE EcoJoy™ Taps with the WELL Label.

GROHE EcoJoy™ single-lever basin mixers feature a flow-limiting mousseur with aerator, reducing water consumption without compromising experience.
The result: a satisfying, voluminous flow that never exceeds 5.8 litres per minute, which is as kind to your pocket as it is to the environment.

And thanks to the inclusion of a temperature limiter, which can be adjusted to meet your requirements, you can reduce your energy consumption even further.

These GROHE EcoJoy™ basin mixers achieved an A-rating under the WELL classification system:

Europlus Basin mixer

Concetto Basin mixer
Concetto New

Eurodisc Cosmopolitan Basin mixer
Eurodisc Cosmopolitan

Eurostyle Basin mixer
Eurostyle Cosmopolitan

Eurosmart Cosmopolitan Basin mixer
Eurosmart Cosmopolitan

Allure Infra-red electronic basin mixer
Allure E

Essence E Infra-red electronic basin mixer
Essence E

Eurosmart CE

WHAT IS WELL - Water Efficiency Label?

WELL is a product classification system devised by the European association of Valve manufacturers (EUnited Valves).

Similar to the EU energy-efficient labelling, already found on the majority of white goods such as dishwashers and washing machines, WELL was established to promote responsible water usage and to provide an easy-to understand evaluation system for consumers and professionals.

For single-lever basin mixers, the WELL assessment categories are:

• Volume (flow rate)
• Temperature

A two-star classification is the maximum that can be achieved in each category.
basin mixers have achieved the maximum total of four stars resulting in an a rating.

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Save water & energy

Our water and energy calculator helps you to see immediately how much you can save with a GROHE EcoJoy® or GROHE SilkMove® ES single lever mixer. After a few clicks you will be able see the annual cost and energy savings.

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Water-efficient digital taps

GROHE Ondus® Digital and GROHE F-digital taps use the latest digital interfaces and technology to help you save water. Options include programming the tap with your preferred flow rate, temperature and duration. It is also possible to program an intermittent ‘stop/start’ flow – so there’s no need to keep turning the tap on an off while brushing your teeth.