Allure Brilliant

Som en diamant til dit badeværelse.

Crisp planes, intriguing angles and cut-out details, Allure Brilliant illustrates the absolute precision that can only be achieved through years of experience and an unfaltering passion for innovation. Complex without being complicated, faceted faucets add a new dimension to bathroom design, and a new dimension to water.

With its gem-like quality and structured shape Allure Brilliant exudes architectural appeal. Our designers and engineers have taken on the roles of lapidaries, refining and polishing with utmost care to create a collection of intriguing designs, which will challenge your perception of bathroom fittings.

Design Story

Inside and out, Allure Brilliant pushes the boundaries.
With their confident and precise use of geometric shapes, Allure Brilliant  explore the pure, linear appeal of minimalist architecture to create a striking and alluring portfolio of faucets, showers and fittings.
Starting with the simplicity of a square or rectangle, the Allure Brilliant Collection utilises geometric forms to their full potential and takes faucets in a new direction with its clean angular lines and flat planes,
An aperture at the end of the spout gives a new view of water – a cascading flow that entices and teases every time.
Allure Brilliant

Faucet Styles

The Allure Brilliant Collection offers an extensive range of premium fittings for all points of interaction in your bathroom. From the basin to the bathtub and shower, the collection offers a wide range of products, giving you the freedom to tailor your bathroom to your specific requirements.
Wall-mounted, deck-mounted and even floor-mounted faucets make it easy for you to find your perfect match at the basin.
And as a single hand shower or head shower is just not right anymore – we present you a complete range of integrated custom showering solutions, for a three-dimensional sensory treat.

The collection is completed by a dedicated range of accessories for design affinity throughout your bathroom.

Allure Brilliant Thermostats

A powerful design for a powerful shower.

An adventurous mix of squares, rectangles and perfectly-cut surfaces is supported by the fastest and most advanced GROHE technologies. Your bathroom is transformed into a recreation zone, where showering becomes the new pastime.

Allure Brilliant thermostatic mixers ensure the temperature you select remains constant for the duration of your shower. No shocks, no surprises, just a constant stream of perfectly mixed water at the temperature of your choosing.

Kaskade tud

Kaskade tuden på Allure Brilliant komplementerer den afslappende SPA følelse og er inspireret af naturen. Den vægmonterede tud er designet til at dispensere vandet i den helt perfekte vinkel til både at fylde badekaret og til at badet kan nydes på samme tid. Vandet der udstrømmer fra tuden former et naturlig bredt og jævnt vandfald, hvilket tilføjer endnu et sensuelt element til SPA oplevelsen. GROHE StarLight® teknologi beskytter den brilliante og langtidsholdbare kromoverflade mod ridser og tilsmudsning. 

Den nye GROHE SPA® kaskade tud til bad og brus er et perfekt valg, når badet vil nydes i den mest naturlige form.

Allure Brilliant Accessories

Based on a modular concept with interchangeable elements, Allure Brilliant accessories not only complete your bathroom they make a statement too.
Characterised by their faceted wall plates, the range takes the flat planes and intriguing angles of the faucet collection in highly-polished chrome and marries them with frosted lead crystal beakers and soap dishes.


2012 iF Product Design Award

iF Product Design Award

2012 red dot design award

red dot design award

GROHE teknologi



Spar på værdifulde ressourcer og nyd 100% vandkomfort
GROHE SilkMove®

GROHE SilkMove®

Let håndtering, ubesværet præcision og ultimativ komfort igennem et helt liv.
GROHE StarLight®

GROHE StarLight®

Holdbare og elegante overflader rangerende fra mat til skinnende som en diamant.
GROHE TurboStat®

GROHE TurboStat®

Altid den rigtige temperatur for bekvemmelighed og sikkerhed.
GROHE CoolTouch®

GROHE CoolTouch®

Ingen skoldning på varme overflader takket være GROHE CoolTouch®.

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